On Nov. 1, (2011) 66-year-old Henderson County Senior League Softball player Bill Curtis suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and died … four times.

Thanks to the quick response of his fellow players, Tom Hendley and Ed Neace, and the fact that the league recently purchased a defibrillator to take to its games, Curtis is alive and well and able to tell his story.

“I remember reaching second base. After that, the next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital four days later,” said Curtis, who prior to the event had never had any health problems and had never been hospitalized.


Read the full dramatic true story HERE. Thanks to DEAN HENSLEY / Times-News Staff Writer for permission to reprint a portion of his story here.

While you might say this is ‘ancient history’ since it happened over seven years ago, it’s also part of our league’s history so I thought it was a great story to kick off our new blog. As a quick update, all three players continue to enjoy playing in our league. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below. Interestingly, all three have provided important leadership over the years.

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