You will find below a PDF of the excellent Powerpoint presentation prepared by Jeff that has most of the relevant information we covered in Friday’s meeting.
I’ve added a few notes here just for clarity. Thanks to those who attended and for all your positive comments. If you see points that I did not include in this email that you feel the rest of the group should know about, please let me know by replying to this email. Here goes:
While talking about the new organizational structure, we learned that the old concession stand at fields 8&9 may be available for us to store our equipment. We should know soon if this is the case. If it is


possible, we’ll invest in a ‘gang box’ that can be kept locked and inside the building for added security. 

Also, the league’s position on players who are under 50 are as follows: With the approval of the executive team, such a player can be a part of our games but ONLY as an umpire or catcher. They are not eligible to bat or play elsewhere in the field.
Special Games
We have a busy Special Games schedule. The Division’s VP (Jeff Donde and Ed Neace) along with the team coaches will determine whether a game will be playable due to weather conditions, also arranging transportation, and other communications with players. Sign up forms will be at the field. You can also be in touch with the coaches directly to let them know you are available to play. Signing up means you are available to play and that you will show up for playing. It’s the decision of the coaches who will actually play. For Tim Epley’s team (I believe that’s the 60s group), you should be in touch with him directly.
NC Senior Games Annual Tournament
This is not a qualifying year but 2020 is. Location to be determined but is likely to be back on the east coast. This year’s tournament is from Oct. 4-7, location to be announced. Mark this in your calendar if you are considering going. We’re aiming for a June 1 date to get a good handle on who plans to go this year and on which team. At that time we’ll have a meeting of those players to determine which teams we’ll be sending and how to make them as competitive as possible. We’ll also know at this point if we’ll need to supplement any of the teams with outside resources. 
It is also time to register locally for the senior games. Cost is $16. There was some uncertainty if you can register at the Rec offies on 708 South Grove Street

Hendersonville, but it does appear that you can. They recommend you register online. General info is available online here:

 As I get more information on how to register online, I’ll send it out. (NOTE: I need someone who’s registered online to send me a step by step guide that others can follow.) In the meantime, here’s the link to go to:

There is a local luncheon kickoff for the Senior Games scheduled for April 2nd. You can call Administrative Office  P: (828) 697-4884 to reserve your spot.
Our goal was to move from $1300 sponsorship to $3,000. We didn’t reach that number. We EXCEEDED it! Buzz Stickney, with assistance from John Wiggins and others, raised somewhere between $5200 – $6000 (the money is still coming in.) Buzz is asking to retire from this position. While we’re not sure if we’re going to let him :-), we definitely need help in maintaining the momentum of this program and to keep our sponsors renewing with us each year. Great job, Buzz! Take a look at the attached PDF of current and new sponsors.
Financial Update
Gary Warren, our treasurer, did a fantastic job coming up with this year’s budget.
Communication & Membership

Most everything is already covered in the attached PDF.

A lot of hard work was put into this website to make it as attractive and user-friendly as possible and it has already started to attract new members.
I’m also excited to share that we have a start to a Membership Team who will help us grow our membership. So far, these are the ones who have expressed an either or have come on board:
  • Mark Thompson
  • Al Kmeciak
  • Antoine Ignazio
  • Gene Siler
  • Your Name Goes Here

Yes, I mean you who are reading this blog post. If we all do a little more than just play softball, we’ll all have a strong league with which to play softball. Otherwise, our beloved league will go out of existence. It’s that simple. So, add your name and be a part of creating the future of our league. Email me at

 to let me know that you are interested and/or ready to join the Membership Team. We will have a short conference all in a little over a week so let me hear from you now. 

Questions? Suggestions? Positive comments? Let me hear from you. 

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