The Weekly Routine


Our regular season is March through October. During this time we play our regular games on Mondays and Fridays at Jackson Park.

Batting Practice starting time is 9:30 AM on Fields 8 & 9.  New teams are randomly selected each game day. This gives players a better chance to know each other and helps balance the recreational and competitive spirit of the games. During our regular season, we generally divide the games into two age groups:

  • 50 – 69-year-old players
  • 70+players

Attendance is always voluntary.

We also offer optional “Special Games” with other senior leagues in the area. Most of these games are held on Wednesdays. Some are home games and some are away games with a maximum drive time of one and a half to two hours.


We continue playing throughout the year (November through February) weather permitting. During our ‘off season’ play, we generally mix the two age groups above into one game.



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