Local Ground Rules

Rules of Regular Season Play

A. The League will abide by all the rules specified by the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) except as modified below:

1. A strike mat will be used at home plate. All balls legally pitched that strike the mat and any part of home plate will be a strike.

2. A double bag is used at first base with the outer half of the bag being in foul territory. The defensive player at first must use the inner (fair) part of the bag and the batter runner must use the outer (colored) part of the bag. When no play is being made at first the batter runner may use the whole bag. If coming back to first or tagging up the runner must use the inner (fair) part of the bag.

3. A commitment line shall be marked perpendicular to the foul line and placed 20 feet from Home plate. Once a runner’s foot touches the ground on or past the commitment line, the runner may not return to third base but must continue on to the scoring plate. The scoring plate is placed 8 feet from the back tip of home plate on a straight extended line from first base. The scoring plate is to be used by the runner only. If the defensive player uses the scoring plate or attempts to tag the runner, the runner is safe. If the runner runs to home plate, the runner is out.

4. All plays at the plate are considered forced plays. The runner is out if the catcher has possession of the ball and touches the plate before the runner reaches the scoring plate. The strike mat is not part of the plate.

5. The pitcher’s box shall be a box the width of the pitching rubber extending from the Home Plate side of the rubber towards second base for a total of 56 feet from the back of home plate. The ball may be delivered from anywhere within the box with both feet inside the box at the beginning of the delivery. A pitching screen will be used at all games played at Jackson Park.

6. The arc of the pitched ball shall be within 6 to 12 feet from the ground.

7. Sliding will be allowed at second and third base. Sliding is also allowed when returning to first base. The runner is not allowed to slide or dive into home plate, scoring plate or when initially running to first base.

8. An over-run rule shall be in effect for second and third bases. The runner shall be considered safe so long as the runner turns to the right after passing the base. Any attempt to advance to the next base or decoy the fielder cancels the over-run rule and the runner can be tagged out. Runner batter may turn right or left at first base on the run through but is in jeopardy of a tag out if the runner attempts to go to second base. (Umpire judgment)

9. Tagging of runners is allowed, except at home plate.

10. Metal cleats are not allowed.

11. Courtesy runners may be used if on the roster.

12. There is a five run limit per inning with unlimited runs allowed in the last inning.

13. Home Run Rule: There are unlimited home runs during the games at Jackson Park.

14. If ball batted by an 80 year old or older player is not touched by an infielder and hits the ground in the outfield, as a fly ball or grounder, the batter runner cannot be thrown out at First Base. Any runners that are on base at the time are not affected by this rule and can be tagged or forced out.

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