Frequently Asked Questions

1. The spouse and I like to travel, so I might miss a few games. Problem?

Not at all. There are no set teams. Teams are picked randomly. All players miss occasionally. The League plays year round weather permitting.

2. I haven’t touched a bat in years, and you guys are probably all jocks, right?

We have folks who play very well, and others who don’t. Everyone does the best they can, and no one expects more. The goal is to have fun.

3. These old bones aren’t as flexible as they used to be. Can I get injured?

We play slow-pitch softball, with modified rules for safety. Metal cleats are not allowed. Physical contact is discouraged; however, as with any physical activity an injury is always possible.

4. I can still hit, throw, and catch okay, but my running has gone South.

Not a problem. If you cannot run, you can have a Substitute Runner from home plate, or get a Courtesy Runner when on base. We will find a spot for you on defense that does not require much mobility, or you can just play offense.

5. What equipment do I need?

There will bats available to borrow if you don’t have your own. It would be best if you had a glove, but you could borrow one temporarily. Rubber softball cleats are highly recommended. For a $45.00 annual participation fee, you get a team cap, shirt, and more fun than the law should allow. You can be our guest for two weeks before deciding to join.

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